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Tuesday 19th June 2018

Please note!

If you are interested in A level physics tuition, please complete the enquiry form below, indicating the days and times of your availability in the appropriate spaces - in this way I will quickly be able to determine whether or not I can accommodate you in my schedule, or see if I can shuffle appointments with existing students in order to fit you in.

Please also note: to save yourself a wasted enquiry, please be aware that my normal teaching day begins at 8:00am and ends at 6:30pm, and I tutor Monday to Friday only.
I do not teach outside these times except for long-standing students and then purely on an occasional basis.

Many Sixth Form students often have ‘free’ periods timetabled in the week when they can be at home during the daytime (i.e. before 3pm) and available for tutorials with me online - this helps my scheduling enormously and students who have (or expect to have) such flexibility are strongly encouraged to let me know when contacting me.